The benefit of an agri-data economy Check out the project description

DemonstratIng Value of agri data sharIng
for boostiNg data Economy in agriculture

Harnessing the power of a data economy in agriculture would prove beneficial for the industry. But the potential of such an economy has yet to be explored, despite modern management and agricultural practices generating more data than ever before.

Various factors are keeping a fully functional data economy from emerging, including technical interoperability, market transparency and data ownership issues. The EU-funded DIVINE project aims to show the cost benefits and added value of sharing agri-data.

To do this, it will develop an agri-data ecosystem that combines data already commonly shared while also using industry-led pilots that are devised on data-sharing plans. The results would support policy makers, technology providers, farm representatives and other agri-data stakeholders.

Information Model
Governance and Policy
Data Marketplace
Multi-actor Approach

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