The main DIVINE project objectives are:

  1. Establish an ecosystem to aggregate private and public agri data that interconnects existing agri data spaces, thereby enabling the sharing of data among stakeholders.
  2. Analyse and adapt information models in the agriculture sector to enable data interoperability across existing agriculture data spaces, Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS), and Agricultural Knowledge Information Systems (AKIS).
  3. Enhance the ecosystem with facilities ensuring increased transparency in data sharing, data trust & sovereignty, data traceability & usage monitoring.
  4. Establish an assessment framework for cost-benefit analysis of agri data-sharing (economic, societal, environmental, climate-related, etc.) and based on these provide transparent awareness and decision support facilities to farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.
  5. Analyse and adapt agri data-sharing governance models and policies to enable their use by public/ government services; mechanisms to monitor the impact of these models at EU and global levels will be built into the ecosystem.
  6. Establish a specific multi-actor approach (MAA) to engage farmers and domain experts in the agriculture sector to enable co-created research design, deployment, and validation.
  7. Analyse and adapt data-driven business models for increasing and extending agricultural data exploitation, as well promotion of the project to various audiences results via suitable Dissemination and Communication channels.
  8. Demonstrate and assess the impact, efficiency, and performance of the ecosystem and the developed solutions via complementary pilots to be carried out engaging the wide range of related stakeholders and pilot-specific technologies and tools.
Project Objectives